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The Mastiff Club Of America has always made Mastiff Rescue a priority. The MCOA as a parent club, coordinated rescue for many years at the national level and did a good job at it. As the popularity of our breed grew it became more difficult to adequately meet the growing need for Mastiff Rescue across the U.S. from a national management perspective alone.

The need for regional alliances and involvement became obvious.The need for Mastiff rescue had grown simply too large and it was decided that for rescue to be done well it should be done as regionally as possible. After many hours of studying, researching, discussing, and agonizing, the Mastiff Club of America membership voted that they would no longer conduct “hands on” Mastiff Rescue from the national level.

As a result a new corporation called Rescue Foundation, Inc. (RFI), a 501c3 Not for Profit Charitable Corporation, was formed as a partnership between the Mastiff Club Of America and its approved regional clubs who develop rescue organizations within their respective regions. 

RFI’s sole function is to help support these existing regional English Mastiff rescue efforts already recognized by the MCOA, as well as newly formed/forming Mastiff rescue groups. 

RFI will assist regional English Mastiff 501 c3 rescue groups by providing financial grants to eligible applicants.The RFI Board of Directors has established the grant application process and any rescue entity desiring to participate must have an acceptable tax exempt status and be solely dedicated to "English Mastiff" Rescue in the United States of America. 

The RFI grant program has been designed to provide a subsidy to eligible groups for each English Mastiff accepted into their program under the guidelines specified. If you would like to make a donation to RFI to help us to meet the needs of this very important mission,  please click on 'Donations' to make your tax deductible donations today.